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Registro Cáncer de Granada

The GCR's mission includes assessing the extent of cancer burden in Granada province, contributing to a better knowledge of etiology and natural history of the disease and providing information to improve care for cancer patients, all of which aimed to promote equality in the access to health care and preventive services.

In the same way, its main objective is to determine cancer incidence and time trends as well as to estimate survival rates for the most common cancers in Granada. With this in mind, the GCR has been collecting data from patients living in the province of Granada that have been diagnosed of cancer for the first time from January 1985 until today.

Even though the above mentioned can be considered basic functions, the GCR still has a lot of potential applications, from the standpoint of cancer research as well as care planning and assessment for cancer patients.

The Granada Cancer Registry, since its startup in 1985, has developed research projects produced by the GCR itself or in collaboration with other national or international institutions, along three main lines:

  • Descriptive epidemiology of cancer
  • Risk factors for cancer and other chronic diseases
  • Health care and outcomes assessment in cancer patients

The GCR is part of the CIBER in Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP), founded in 2006, as a research group attached to the Chronic Diseases Epidemiology and Prevention Program.

In addition, the activities it develops are based on recruited professionals’ competence, as required by the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Regional Government, the Ministry of Health and Social Policy/a> and other institutions.

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